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Miles Sprietsma is a Portland based experimental-filmmaker/artist/musician whose films have screened in numerous programs and festivals around the world. His celluloid-based works seek to explore the temporal nature of cinema, attempting to render a tactility to the most elusive of perceptible dimensions.

Artist Statement
My art practice is heavily influenced by nature and its deformation through the anthropocentric lens of humanity. Spanning many genres, formats, and disciplines, I often attempt to find the supposed edge between us and that which we consider ourselves apart. Through drawing I look inward to produce seemingly-natural forms born from repetitive, meditative monotony, utilizing the tool I personally associate with mindless doodling: the Gel-Pen. With my photography and filmmaking I try to direct our gaze at the intersect between worlds, illuminating the detritus of humanity. I am constantly pulled towards the “ugliness” of trash and the “beauty” of nature, and our constant need to pervert “our” world in order to suit the perceived aesthetics of humanity.

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